Illinois High School Football
Coaches' Association


The IHSFCA shall select its annual All State Team this fall.  Athletes selected will be presented their plaque prior to the state final game.  Selection committees representing all classes will select eighteen players from each class. Please submit nominations by November 6, 2018

 How you type the name of your Nomination and the name of your School is how it will appear on AS plaques and certificates.
Please, submit as example:  John Smith, Wheaton North High School.

  • Do not use all capital letters!
  • Submit your name in the same manner.
  • Use capital letters for Player Position. Example: DB, OL, etc.
  • Use number and capital letter for school class. Example:1A, 2A, etc.

Since I download all this data into an excel file, all inconsistencies in the forms have to be typed.  With your help, this will same me hours of time.

Address questions to your IHSFCA All State rep:
  1A thru 4A
Jim Henry
5A thru 8A
Bob Monken